Pit bull is lone survivor of plane crash that killed 2 pilots

Published: May. 25, 2022 at 10:37 AM CDT
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BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KUSA) – Two pilots died in a small plane crash Sunday in Broomfield, Colorado – but miraculously, a 7-year-old pit bull mix who was on the plane survived with only minor injuries.

The dog, named Chata, is now being called a living miracle.

According to Dr. Ashley MacDonald, a veterinarian, someone found Chata wandering around the neighborhood nearby the plane crash site. The person brought Chata to a shelter where they held onto her until they could contact her owners.

Unfortunately, Chata’s owner was one of the pilots who died in the crash. The coroner’s office identified the two men as 50-year-old Robert Devon Williams and 59-year-old Lee Russell King.

“I know that Chata’s family loves her so much, and her dad passed doing something that he loved doing with her,” MacDonald said. “I know that she even had little earmuffs in the plane when they would go up together.”

MacDonald, who treated Chata after the crash, said the dog is doing fine besides some muscle soreness and one gash behind her ear.

“She did great in hospital, was so sweet. I was expecting a more critical, mangled patient, but she was wagging her tail the whole time,” MacDonald said.

Chata was released from the animal hospital Monday night and reunited with family. MacDonald said she’s glad to have been able to help the family in some way during this tragic time.

“Chata is a happy-go-lucky gal, and we’re so happy to have helped her. It’s great that the family has a piece of (the pilot) kind of remaining with her, and she’s in great hands, so I think that’ll help their healing process,” MacDonald said.

While MacDonald is happy Chata survived, she said it is a miracle.

“It was so incredible to hear that she was kind of like the lone survivor… I can’t say (why), but animals are incredible, and they do crazy things, unexplainable things.”

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