Preauthorization pain at the pump

While preauthorization charges at gas pump are nothing new, the amounts being charged are
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Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 11:54 AM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - When you go to the gas station and pay at the pump, you are charged a preauthorization fee. This is nothing new, and to ensure sure that you have the money on your account to pay for the gas you are about to put in your car.

With gas prices rising, the temporary preauthorization charges are as well. Most gas stations around the area are raising these charges. Many people have actually had their cards frozen because of the extra large charge being placed on people’s cards.

KNOP was able to verify that stations in the area were preauthorizing users with charges ranging from between $80 and $175, however, only one local station told KNOP that their preauthorization charge was $150.

While gas stations don’t post this number anywhere, it’s always a good idea to call beforehand or go inside to find out.

Kaye Monie, the branch president of the Hershey State Bank in Hershey, Nebraska, is not new to these charges. Monie said that her son had a $175 preauthorization charge on gas.

“My son just saw this at a gas station, it was a $175 hold and he actually really spent only $39 in gas.”

She stressed that as a banker, she understands why gas stations have to do this.

“You can see that they’re wanting to make sure they’re paid for the cost of gas.”

When Monie was looking through the charge put on her son’s debit card, she noted that the charge only stayed on there for 30 minutes.

According to people in the community, he was lucky enough to have that much cash in reserve on his card at the time. While temporary, those charges are too much for some to handle.

Monie talked about how if you have a maximum amount you’re allowed to spend on your debit card in one day, depending on your bank, this can count towards that.

“In these cases, it might be best to utilize your credit card.”

Monie suggested that if you’re worried about a preauthorization charge being too much and locking your card, or know that you can’t cover that temporary charge, you can still get gas.

“We know gas prices are going up, and so if it’s a concern on your card that you’re placing the hold, then just take that extra step and go into the station itself and pay for your gas there.”

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