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Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 10:58 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - For the past two seasons the Hershey Panthers have not put a game in the win column, but with some big changes hitting the program this season they are hoping that the narrative surrounding the program will change as well.

Alex Lowther will take over as Head Coach of the Panthers this season, and one of his main goals this year is to change the team culture to make it more positive. When the season ended last year, the team only had 18 players on the roster. Now, at the beginning of this season, the team now has 30 players on the roster. The growth within the program is a trend that Lowther would like to keep going as the seasons go by.

“It’s pretty good even numbers all the way across. Last year when we ended I think we had 18 kids total so having 30 right now is fantastic, so I’m hoping in the years to come it’ll just continue to grow. I think we have a good junior high group coming up as well,”

Within the roster of 30, there are some players that Lowther named that could prove to be standouts on this year’s team. Two of the first that came to mind were Juniors Cooper Hill and Alex Brown. Hill will start his third season as the starting quarterback of the panthers and Lowther feels that he was able to prove himself and his athleticism last season. Lowther says that Brown is a leader and hasn’t missed a weights session all summer.

“Cooper is going to be a third year starter for us, and he kinda showed what he could do when I took over in the middle of the year last year, just what we can do with his athleticism. Then, Alex Brown, that kid never misses the weight room. He didn’t miss one time this summer, he just works hard and you can just tell he’s a kid that really wants it,” says Lowther.

The Panthers will open up with Gibbon in week one, and from now until then that game has their sole focus.

“All we care about right now is Gibbon, that’s our number one priority, and we don’t look ahead of anything else. We get that win that first night it’s going to be amazing, it’s going to be a great feeling and who knows what we could do from there as well,” explains Lowther.

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