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Hershey Girl’s Golf
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Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 10:57 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Hershey Girl’s Golf Team enters its third season in 2022. The team continues to grow little by little every season as they go along. In their first season as a team they had five members, then in the second year they had seven, and now in the third year, they will have eight. Head Coach of the Panthers Rachel Pierce says she hopes that will year three the program will start to see a lot more success. Pierce and Senior Michalee Brownawell spoke at Media Day to give their outlook on the 2022 season.

Out of the eight that the team will have out this year, six of them will have experience on the course from seasons past. While her main goal for Pierce is for the girls to have a fun time, she would also like to see one of her girls break 100 this season.

“We haven’t done that yet. I would love to see that happen because once you can do that I feel like it really just puts you in contention to do good at tournaments. Getting into double digits for our 18-hole tournaments would be a really good start for us,” explains Pierce.

When it comes to the chemistry of this team, Pierce says they have created a fun atmosphere at practice and when they go to tournaments.

“I loved golfing in high school and part of that was just having a great group of friends that came together and that’s what I want for the girls. We have our little rituals like before every tournament we stop at McDonald’s like that’s just part of it, and that just became part of our thing and the girls look forward to it. And just having a good time and finding the places to laugh, just making it fun when it’s hot outside,” says Pierce.

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