Cozad Development Corporation buys former Tenneco plant site

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Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 9:12 PM CDT
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COZAD, Neb. (KNOP) - The Cozad Development Corporation recently purchased the Tenneco-Monroe plant site after it sat empty for eight years.

The former Tenneco-Monroe plant served as a pillar for Dawson County for 50 years. It was the second largest employer and employed around 700 people. Tenneco shut down the plant to consolidate the production of shock absorbers and other ride-control gear in 2011.

“That was our crown jewel for a long time,” said Jennifer McKeone, Cozad Development Corporation executive director. “It’s emotional for our people that used to work there and they drive by and they see what it is now compared to what it once was.”

The agency recently purchased the site for $400,000.

“It’s exchanged hands a couple of time and none of it was locally controlled so they were out of state, out of town owners,” McKeone said. “Now Cozad Development owns the site and so the destiny of that site is now in our hands.”

The project is one of several the agency has pursued over the last several years to help fuel the local economy.

“I think all across the state there’s a lot of companies that could continue to grow if they had the people and they can’t get the people without housing,” McKeone said. “So we wouldn’t have been able to create a new housing subdivision without the use of tax increment financing. So yes it is very important that we get that site into a state where it’s an asset to the community instead of an eye sore.”

Officials are talking to different industries and have put some proposals out there that have peaked the interest of several companies.

“It’s a 26-acre with an active rail spur so we’re really targeting someone that could go back into that same footprint of the old Tenneco facility, which is a 300-square-foot building,” said McKeone. “So cold storage warehousing would be very viable targets, otherwise, we’ve also looked at some site planning for ag processing and also some other industrial uses.”

Prospects who are interested can call 308-784-8006 for more information.

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