Saint Pats introduces Girl’s Golf

Saint Pats High School
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Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 10:51 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - After several seasons with a successful boy’s program the Irish decided it was time to add Girl’s Golf to the list of sports at Saint Pats. Last season there were four girls who had gone out for the boy’s team, so the administration at the school saw that there was enough interest at the school to start the program. Kristine Gale was named the Head Coach of the team and is looking forward to beginning to grow the program this season.

The team has one Senior, four Sophomores, and one Freshman this season. And according to Gale, the team is made up of beginner golfers, so with that, she’s looking forward to being able to coach the majority of the girls for several seasons and to watch their progression as the years go by.

“We do have kind of a building program, but it’s pretty exciting because we’ll have two or three years with these same girls to build the program,” says Gale.

As far as goals for the team go, this year it’s all about the basics and gaining tournament experience. Senior Olivia Dimas says her goal for this year’s team is to just fill the atmosphere surrounding the team with positive energy. Then, Sophomore Stephanie Budke says her goal is to just build the team chemistry.

“I think our number one goal is to be closer as a team, to help each other be positive, and lift each other up even though we’re just starting. I also want to make sure that we keep the team going after we all graduate,” says Dimas.

“My goal for sure is being close together as a team. I also want to be positive, so when you miss a ball or have a bad hole, don’t take it up on every single hole. Just forget about that hole and play better,” says Budke.

Another thing that Gale is excited about this season is for her girls to get to know some of the other girls that play golf in the area. The girls will get to experience getting to play many different courses and many different types of courses.

“The cool thing about girl’s golf is it’s a good opportunity to get to know a lot of the girls in your part of the state. Golf allows you to have a little bit more interaction with each other, so I think it’s going to be great for them to get to know the girls in our area,” says Gale.

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