Wallace students win showmanship awards at Nebraska State Fair

News 2 at Ten
Published: Sep. 2, 2022 at 11:43 AM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Two students in the same class at a Wallace school both won first place in the intermediate category in the animal showmanship contest at the Nebraska State Fair.

Cauy Robinson won first place in beef showmanship with his steer. He said that he spends multiple hours each day caring for his steer and making sure it stays cool in the heat.

Cauy Robinson with his steer.
Cauy Robinson with his steer.(Cauy Robinson profile)

His classmate, Allyson Kemp, won first place in goat showmanship. She shared that it takes long days and hard work to keep her goat groomed.

Allyson Kemp and her goat.
Allyson Kemp and her goat.(Allyson Kemp profile)

The two have competed against each other before, and shared that they both push each other to be the best showman they can be.

“We push each other to our top limit, we both want to beat the other one,” Robinson said.

“But, we still try to be fair and show sportsmanship even when one of us beats the other,” Kemp said. “It’s a good thing in the end that makes us better.”

Cauy Robinson and Allyson Kemp with awards
Cauy Robinson and Allyson Kemp with awards(Cauy Robinson and Allyson Kemp with awards)

The two stressed that while they help each other, they couldn’t do it without their families. Cauy Robinson’s sister, Brylie Robinson, also competed in the senior division for animal showmanship. While she made it to the semifinals, she did not win. She did win her class in the commercial breeding heifer division.

Brylie Robinson and her heifer.
Brylie Robinson and her heifer.(Brylie Robinson Profile)

Brylie Robinson stressed that their whole family works hard and takes care of the animals together.

“We work as a family,” Brylie Robinson said. “Our vacations are going to cattle shows and we spend the most family time in the barn. We work together on everyone’s calfs because its what we do.”