Friday Night Sports Hero: Lance Vasa

Arthur County High School
News 2 at Ten
Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 11:07 PM CST
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Arthur County Running back, Cornerback, and Outside Linebacker Lance Vasa has been a huge part of the Arthur County Football Program for the past four years. Vasa is leading the Wolves in several statistical categories and has helped lead them to a semi-finals appearance in the State Playoffs.

Vasa leads the team in total touchdowns with 36, tackles per game averaging 10.8, and rushing yards per game where he averages 157.4 yards per game. But, Vasa wants to be remembered for more than just the records he wants to be remembered for being a part of the team that brought Arthur County their first football state championship in eleven years.

“It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s what we’ve been working for our whole high school career. The last couple of years we’ve just fallen short, but this year this summer in the weight room we’ve been putting in the work. We’ve had a lot of underclassmen that have come up that have been making big differences to help us get where we are,” says Vasa.

Head Coach of the Wolves, Wade Kramer explains that he has coached Vasa since he was in middle school, and while he loves being able to coach someone with such great athletic ability, he also loves coaching a player with great character like Vasa.

“Just a great kid, I’ve been coaching him since he was in the sixth grade and probably before that in some youth basketball stuff. Just very very polite and mature. You wouldn’t know he was anybody just walking along on the streets, he’s a true leader too for us, so just really glad to have him,” explains Wade.

Kramer also explains that Vasa has been a great player throughout his whole high school career, but his growth from the start of the journey to now has been nothing short of incredible.

“Lance from Freshman to Senior just outstanding growth. Last year, I think he was maybe 145 pounds. He lived in the weight room this summer, him a couple of other kids on the team, and really pushed himself there. He’s also very mentally strong, he knows the ins and outs of what we want to do and has become a great young man,” says Kramer.