Woman accused of stabbing parents in their home, police say

Police said Emily Deese stabbed her mom and dad in their own home.
Police said Emily Deese stabbed her mom and dad in their own home.(North Ridgeville Police Department)
Published: Dec. 13, 2022 at 1:26 PM CST
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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio (WOIO/Gray News) - A 34-year-old woman is accused of stabbing her mother and father at their home in Ohio last week, according to authorities.

Police have charged Emily Deese with felonious assault and attempted murder.

Police in North Ridgeville were called to the home around 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 6.

When they arrived, Officer Clint Chasko said they found Deese’s 67-year-old mom and 69-year-old dad suffering from serious injuries.

“There was blood splattered within the roadway, in the driveway and on the door,” he said. “You could see hand prints. There was more splatter throughout the house, [an] enormous pool of blood on the ground, just splatter everywhere. More than I’ve ever seen.”

Chasko was one of three officers to testify at Monday’s hearing.

Officials said Deese stabbed her mother in the house and chased her father out of the house while attempting to attack him.

Police said they took the mom and dad to a hospital in Westlake. Both of the victims were released, officials said Monday.

Police said Deese was taken into custody and treated for injuries she suffered in the attack before being taken to the Lorain County Jail.

WOIO reports she declined to answer the judge’s questions about her understanding of the charges while in court.

A public defender appointed to Deese’s case told the judge that Deese told him she wanted to represent herself in court.

An officer who said he rode in the ambulance with Deese said she made statements about the incident while on the way to the hospital. He also said a family member told officers Deese has a history of mental health problems.

Another officer said Deese made a statement, suggesting “this all happened because they tried to get me to take my medication that is slowly killing me.”

The officer also said she referenced God.

According to WOIO, Deese broke her courtroom silence as the officer testified.

“I said it’s because I bear witness that there’s only one God and I bear witness that Muhammad is his prophet,” she said, referring to her comments in the ambulance.

Because the grand jury proceedings are held secretly, it’s not yet known when the case will continue.

Deese will remain in jail with a bond set at $240,000.