Cozad presents Maker Fair 2023

News 2 at Six
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 8:13 PM CST
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Cozad High School kicked off the Maker Fair 2023 on Tuesday morning. It was the first of two days of the fair, allowing the students to take a break from traditional classes and get a more hands-on introduction to careers that they may want to pursue in the future.

Over the two days, students can choose from 70 different courses that may spark their interest. It has been nine years since Maker Fair was created and teacher Amanda Rossell is excited about how far it has come.

“Some students need a break from regular classes and they tend to do more hobby and interest-based courses, but we also have those types of activities for other students as more of a professional interest,” Rossell said.

Some of the students said it’s a chance for them to experience new things.

“The person who did it was actually one of our classmates who is just really good at that kind of stuff, and he told us a lot of things we didn’t have to use the recipe for, and he was very good at explaining so something that I have never done before, and it was very interesting,” Cozad Senior Mallory Applegate said at the Maker Fair.

The students got the chance to dabble in courses that they were interested in before and also got a chance to be exposed to different things, and Rossell stated, “That’s the true end goal here.”