North Platte Public School discusses emergency protocol

News 2 at Six
Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 10:12 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -With the tragic events that happened earlier this week at a private school in Nashville, it is a reminder to check the protocols that are in place at all the schools in the nation. Here in North Platte, there are guidelines in place to help prevent or limit the casualties in an active shooter event.

“On an annual basis, myself and the student services coordinator train the entire district, every student, and every faculty member,” North Platte School Resource Officer Jeremiah Johnson said. “We do the standard response training on an annual basis. Some of it is very basic, but we know that the more that we train on it and the more that we talk about it, hopefully the more prepared individuals could be in an emergency response situation. And on top of that, we practice drills also.”

As technology increases, it helps facilitate the response times for officers and staff to prepare themselves for a potential lock down situation.

“All staff have on their phone which is called the Rave Mobile App,” Johnson said. “In the Rave Mobile App there are panic buttons that are on that there is a button in there that could be that an ambulance there’s a button on there if they need a police officer. In the center of that app there is a big red button that says active shooter if an employee pushes that button it is a mass notification and every adult in the building gets notified and simultaneously that gets sent to our 911 Center.”

The school does multiple drills in the first semester of school and a few unannounced drills in the second semester to ensure that everting runs smoothly and if things need to be changed in the future.