Congressman Don Bacon visits and meets with producers and foresters in the Third Congressional District

Nebraska's 2nd congressional representative, Don Bacon ventured into the state's vast 3rd congressional district.
Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 4:59 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - This week, Nebraska’s Second Congressional Representative, Don Bacon ventured into the State’s vast, Third Congressional District.

Congressman Bacon stresses with his role in serving on the Congressional Agriculture Committee, this trip into the North Platte region is not unordinary and gives him the opportunity to speak with farmers and ranchers firsthand.

“I had questions today about crop insurance and some things that we could make better. We also had some questions about Avian Flu. And, the cattlemen want to know more about potential animal tracking of calves from birth to packing plant or sale barn. It’s really good just to hear what people are thinking on the ground,” said Congressman Bacon.

Congressman Bacon says he strives to visit Nebraska’s Third Congressional District at least once or twice each Congress to hear opinions from farmers and ranchers.

“We’re working on the farm bill right now, so it’s very important to hear things that maybe I don’t hear in committee or things I won’t hear in Omaha,” Congressman Bacon added.

While in the Third Congressional District, Congressman Bacon and members of his staff visited with Forrester Service members in Halsey to learn more about the devastating wildfire that occurred nearly a year ago.

“We decided to come out and learn a bit, find out how we could help out, especially in minimizing the fire risks for the ranchers in the area, and get feedback from the forestry service. One of the things we learned about was the farm bill funds the pay of a lot of the people that work in the park here in Halsey, so it’s very important we get the farm bill done and done in time,” Congressman Bacon said.

Congressman Bacon says that he and Congressman Smith travel in and out of each other’s district regularly and said the two work very well together.

“We have to travel to each other’s districts to do a good job for our constituents and the state. We work very closely together, I appreciate the fact that Congressman Smith comes into Omaha and works. He is on the Congressional Ways and Means Committee and a lot of our business community in the Omaha area like to hear from Congressman Smith with his connections on the Ways and Means Committee connections, meanwhile, I’m on the Agriculture Committee, so folks in his district like connecting with me as well to make sure that I’m smart on the AG related issues,” said Congressman Bacon.