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Kaylie Crowe joined the NBC Nebraska News 2 team in October 2019 as a reporter/anchor.

Kaylie Crowe graduated from Iowa State with a major in Journalism and Mass Communications and a minor in Communication Studies. Kaylie lived in many places over her younger years but spent the majority of her life growing up in Iowa.

Her interest in journalism started at a young age. As a child, Kaylie would create videos involving her creating scripts, interviewing people, editing the footage, and more. This interest grew during her time in college.

Kaylie interned for the Waterloo Bucks baseball team as a camera director and interviewer. Soon after, she joined the school-run newscast ISU TV as an anchor and wrote for the Iowa State Daily for the Engineering beat.

Recently, Kaylie interned at KCCI in Des Moines Iowa. There she attended political conferences, government meetings, community events, and more. She created multiple forms of content for these events. Kaylie also helped produce content for the yearly Iowa State Fair live broadcast. While Kaylie enjoyed her time in Des Moines and growing in the field, she is ready for her next adventure.

Kaylie is excited to live in a new place and provide news to NBC Nebraska viewers. In her free time, Kaylie enjoys weight lifting, writing, and a good time with friends.

Kaylie invites the North Platte community to reach out to her on how to enjoy what the town has to offer. Feel free to shoot her an email!

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