Q&A with Lincoln County Treasurer candidate Michelle Gurciullo

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Neb. -- Two candidates are running for Lincoln County Treasurer this year: Michelle Gurciullo and Lorie Koertner, both Republicans.

The winner of the primary election will advance to the general election. There is not a Democratic candidate for Lincoln County Treasurer.

Below is what Gurciullo had to say about the position and why she feels she's the best candidate for Lincoln County Treasurer.

Responses as submitted by candidate.

Party Affiliation: Republican

Why are you running for office?
I am running for Lincoln County Treasurer because I am dedicated to Lincoln County. I have worked for the County for almost 24 years, mostly for the Treasurer, and I feel I can continue to keep the office running smoothly and with no interruption in quality of service.

What experience do you bring to the office?
I have worked in the office for nearly 24 years in many capacities. I have been the Department of Motor Vehicles supervisor since 2010. I have also helped in the Real Estate department during the years.

What makes you the best candidate?
I feel I am the best candidate for Lincoln County Treasurer because I know the people in Lincoln County, and the employees of the county. I think that the residents have trusted in the job that I have done for them, and I want to continue to serve them.

What would be the first thing you do once elected?
The office will experience some turnover in staff in both the real estate and the motor vehicle departments, therefore hiring some staff will be necessary.

What issues do you think will be the biggest challenge in the next four years?
While there may be many challenges, I feel one of the biggest will be to find the right staff to continue to serve the residents of Lincoln County.

How will you keep control of the budget?
I will do the best I can to exercise sensible spending of taxpayer funds.

How will you plan and fund growth?
While I don’t feel this question pertains to the office I am seeking, I will do my best to be a good steward of taxpayers funds.

You can view her Facebook campaign page here: Michelle Gurciullo for Lincoln County Treasurer.