Cherry County rejects changes to wind energy zoning laws

Published: Feb. 8, 2018 at 12:15 AM CST
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A long standing precedent was broken after months of planning in Cherry County.

On Wednesday, the Cherry County Board of Commissioners voted 2 to 1 to reject recommendations by the county's planning and zoning board in regards to wind energy.

The new regulations would move the property line 1 mile, versus a one fourth of a mile away from landowners.

Commissioners Jim Van Winkle and Martin DeNaeyer voted against the new regulations

Commissioner Tanya Storer voted not to reject the new regulations.

"I don't accept the new regulations as they are, now nor do I fully accept the recommended regulations," Storer said. "I feel like neither is giving a fair and consistent treatment to wind energy as we have our agricultural industry."

Landowners who support the new regulations say they are disheartened by the board's decision, but say they will continue to fight to save the sandhills.

Since 1994, county commissioners have not rejected regulations recommended by the county's planning and zone board.

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