$1 Million dollars in FEMA aid to Central Nebraska

FEMA disaster aid money is starting to flow into Nebraska.
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WASHINGTON, DC (KSNB) Federal dollars are starting to flow into Nebraska to help victims of the March flood.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency today issued it's first report on the amount of government aid Nebraskans who applied for aid. FEMA reported $22,187,793.50 awarded to residents whose aid applications have been approved so far.

More than $1 million of that amount has gone to Central Nebraska. Hall county applicants have received a total of $574,013.77. Howard county applicants received $258,808.04. And Buffalo county applicants got $204,400.80.

The bulk of the money went to applicants in eastern Nebraska, with Sarpy county applicants collecting $8,690,619.38. Applicants in Douglas and Dodge counties each collected more than $3.4 million.

A total of 5,757 Nebraskans registered for aid with FEMA.

These are not the final amounts. FEMA officials expect to update these numbers weekly.

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