18th Annual Bethel Church's Samaritan's Purses Christmas Child

Bethel Church makes preparations to send boxes of gifts to children in need. (SOURCE: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. One North Platte Church is helping the community get into the spirit by giving a present kids who have never received a Christmas gift.

It's the 18th Annual Samaritan's Purses Christmas Child event.

Bethel Church is in charge of collecting the presents and sending them to a shipping station where they will go through customs before getting sent to Central and South America.

Bethel Church's Valerie Heiser said the gifts mean a lot to the recipients.

"Some of them still have their boxes. That meant so much to them," said Heiser.

"It's interesting what touches their lives. One was a dress a little girl received in her box and she said she wore it until it fell off of me."

She also reflected on a boy who received a box.

"He received a box with a yo yo and a slinky. With those he was the big hero in town because he had that."

To find out how you can help you can contact the Bethel Church for information.