18th Annual Gift of Hope Cancer Foundation raises funds for Nebraskans

Woman bids in the silent auction of the Gift of Hope Cancer Foundation fundraiser. (SOURCE: KNOP-TV/Jace Barraclough)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) The community in North Platte gathered at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds to help people in need on Saturday.

It was the 18th Annual Gift of Hope Cancer Foundation Fundraiser.

For a fee people could have dinner and drinks.

After the meal various items such as Husker football and volleyball tickets as well as paintings were auctioned off.

Dean Kurth has been a part of the organization for 10 years helping people with cancer.

"We are here tonight to conduct an auction and have a meal together with a lot of people we've worked with over the past 18 years to do this," said Kurths.

"The demand grows on both sides of the fence because we get more requests and we have to raise more funds to meet the demand for the cancer folks that are having some problems."

Kurth is a cancer survivor himself and says he enjoys helping the people of Nebraska.