28 years since 1990 tornado outbreak

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Tuesday is the 28th anniversary of one of the earliest tornado outbreak in Nebraska history.

On March 13, 1990, a total of 59 tornadoes impacted states up and down tornado alley, including 12 in the Local4 viewing area.

The most well known tornado was an F4 tornado that began near Red Cloud and traveled northeast for 124 miles to near Schuyler. This tornado would set a record for longest track tornado, which remain to this day. Many farms, homes, and businesses were destroyed along the tornado's path through portions of Webster, Nuckolls, Clay, Fillmore, York, and Butler Counties.

There were no fatalities, but there were 9 injuries. Most notable, an estimated 10,000 geese were killed by the tornado.

Along with the F4 tornado, there were four F3 tornadoes including one near Grand Island, three F2 tornadoes, four F1 tornadoes, and one F0 tornado.

Normally, severe weather is still fairly rare in the month of March. The month averages about one tornado per year based on data since 1950. Fifty-seven tornadoes have been reported in Nebraska in the month of March since 1950, with the majority of them occurring in 2007, 1990, and 2009.

The only other notable outbreak occurred on March 23, 1913 and is known as the Easter Sunday tornado outbreak.

That day, at least four F4 tornadoes struck in and around the Omaha area, killing 103 people.

For more information on the March 13, 1990 tornado outbreak visit https://www.weather.gov/gid/48406.

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