40 years since the death of Elvis Presley

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It's the 40th anniversary since the death of the King of Rock 'N' Roll.

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 at his Memphis, Tennessee mansion.

On Tuesday night, thousands of Elvis Presley fans gathered at the singer's famous estate, Graceland, to remember the music legend.

There will be a memorial service and concert at Graceland on Wednesday.

This is the first time, Graceland charged an entry fee into the vigil. The reason behind it is part of updated security measures due to large crowds expected over the next few days.

Four decades later, people still feel a connection to the small town boy whose music changed the world.

According to Spotify, Elvis fans have streamed his music over one billion times.

His most popular song "Can't Help Falling in Love" has been streamed globally more than 90 million times.

And though Elvis is from the United States, the biggest share of Elvis listening is in Sweden, followed by the UK, Chile, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Spotify is celebrating with a curated "This is: Elvis Presley" playlist available to stream.

Elvis was only 42 years old when he died.

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