Son tried to save family business

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NORTH PLATTE, NEB. (KNOP) -- The son of the owner of Chasers Greenhouse & Nursery in North Platte tried to save the business from going up in flames Wednesday morning.

However, the fire got out of control and the North Platte Fire Department fought the blaze.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the North Platte Police Department blocked off both ends of E. Walker Road.

Crews arrived on the scene around 9 a.m. When they arrived, they found smoke rising high into the sky as several greenhouses were on fire.

The owner of the business, Roxie Chase, said four of the five big greenhouses were destroyed. A camper they used for storage was also destroyed.

NPFD Lt. Jim Einspahr said it was a tough fire to fight. The plastic covering of the greenhouses was flapping in the wind.

"There were lots of large rolls of plastic that were extremely hard to put out," Lt. Einspahr said. "We used quite a bit of foam to try to get the water pressed down in."

NPFD is blaming an electrical problem.

No one was hurt and the family cat, Midnight, was also unharmed.