Couple brings unique combination of businesses under one roof in Ogallala

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OGALLALA, Neb.-- A husband and wife in Ogallala are teaming up to offer a unique combination of businesses under the same roof.

On one side of their building on West First Street, Tracie Brueggeman is offering her customers clothing and accessories at Tracie B's Boutique.

On the other side, her husband Dale has his Husker Hydrographics workshop.

"My husband first thought of the hydrographics and I wasn't so much into doing that, so I came up with [the boutique]," Tracie said. "It's a lot of work, but it was all worth it."

The couple has experience running a medical business, but wanted to try something new.

"We do everything together, so this works out just fine," Dale noted.

They say their combination of businesses offers something for everyone.

"The husband will go visit with my husband," Tracie said. "And the wife will come in here and shop and do some of her Christmas shopping, so it's been interesting and it's fun."

Dale learned about hydrographic techniques in Missouri and brought the skills to Ogallala. Hydrographics are made by putting a film into the water that releases ink, and then submerging an item to be customized into the water.

"Everybody wants their guns dipped in cameo," Dale said. "But you can do vehicle parts [and] pretty much anything."

That includes mugs, golf clubs, golf carts, and more.

It is a set up that works well for customers and the couple running the business, too.

"It's something I like to do, [as] I'm more hands-on and in the shop," Dale said.

Tracie agrees, "It's different every time someone walks in the door, but I love helping them out."

Tracie B's opened in September, while Husker Hydrographics opened in the following month.