New McDonald's nearing completion in North Platte

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - A new McDonald's is almost ready for business in North Platte. The construction superintendent, Fredrick Truitt, said Thursday, that as long as they do not encounter any severe weather issues, the building will be open for business by January 25.

The current building, which is 40 years old, will close permanently on Saturday, January 14. The owner and the employees are excited for the new building.

According to owner/operator Adam Otte, it was a condition of the purchase in April 2017 that they relocate as soon as possible. He said, because of the condition and inefficiency of the building, that he would have done so anyway.

The new building features tiles, and a modern and clean feel. There will be three drive through windows (a pay window, and two pick-up windows). There will be two ordering lanes.

Shortly after opening there will be kiosks implemented which will allow for personal ordering inside. There will be employees hired especially for helping customers at the kiosks. Customers will then take a number (which is to be Bluetooth enabled for location), and food will be delivered to those dining-in.

Current technology which will continue at the new location includes a McDonald's Internet application, downloadable on a phone or other device. The app offers deals (such as coupons), and even allows mobile ordering and curbside delivery.