Doctor warns against flu germs at Super Bowl parties

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- You can really score with your friends in a few days if you host a Super Bowl party, but you want to make sure you or your guests are not sidelined with the flu afterward.

On your shopping trip ahead of the big game, be sure to throw a few extra items in you cart to help fight germs.

Grab some plastic cups and plates. Disposable dishes help cut back on spreading bacteria when your guests help themselves to seconds or thirds.

"For the host, I would encourage them to set out disposable utensils," Kelli King, APRN at Precise Family Care said. "You can use toothpicks in the appetizers [to minimize guests touching food]."

Buy some plastic baggies at the store for servings of candy or chips, so guests are not reaching into bowls or touching serving trays more than necessary.

Guests can even use a marker to write their names on their plastic cup or pop can, so they do not lose track of their drink.

"Everybody sets their drink down and walks away," King said. "So, write your name on it and when you come back to it, you know which one is yours. It's much cheaper to do that than have a hospital bill."

If you are playing host, try to put out serving spoons and tongs for chips and treats like cookies.

While you are at the grocery store and pushing your cart, keep your hands away from your face.

"Out in public, I just try to keep my hands away from my face, Because that's how a lot of germs enter [your body]," King added.

Of course, remember to wash your hands before preparing or eating food; and, if your not feeling well or have some flu symptoms ahead of the big game, play it safe and stay home.

Be on the defense against germs and your party will be a touchdown.