Koertner deemed unoffical winner of treasurer race

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Unofficial results from the 2018 primary elections indicate that Lorie Koertner won the Lincoln County treasurer race with 52.15 percent of the votes. Opponent Michelle Gurciullo received 47.62 percent of the votes.

The total number of votes for each candidate are as follows:

Koertner: 2,046
Gurciullo: 1,868
Write-in votes: 9



Two Lincoln County women are vying for the office of county treasurer.

Republicans Lorie Koertner and Michelle Gurciullo are the names voters will see at the polls on May 15.

Candidate Lorie Koertner says that her biggest priority for office is seeing quality service in county offices. Koertner says that she hopes this would keep people in a good spirits when they visit offices to take care of business.

"If everyone is nice when they're at the counter and they're waiting on you and more readily available with their answers and everything, then [business runs smoother]," Koertner noted.

Koertner adds that she held the title of Webster County Treasurer for five years; and, prior to that, she worked in the treasurer's office.

"[Webster County], being a smaller county, lets you do every single aspect [of the job] from motor vehicle to drivers license to real estate and, of course, all the tax sales and everything that a treasurer's job incorporates," Koertner reflected.

As for Michelle Gurciullo, she says that she wants to continue what current treasurer Sue Fleck has established. Gurciullo says that one priority for office is ensuring a good staff.

"There will be a lot of employees to replace that are retiring, so getting a good crew back in the office will be high priority for me," Gurciullo reflected.

Gurciullo notes that she's worked for Lincoln County for about 24 years and has training in numerous different areas.

"I've worked with probably every person that lives here and enjoy working with the people," Gurciullo stated. "I just feel like I can take over and continue on the traditions and the service that Sue has established."

The winner of the primary election will advance to the general election in the fall. No democratic candidate is running for Lincoln County treasurer.