Wisconsin boy lives dream in North Platte

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- For a Wisconsin boy who loves trains, visiting North Platte is a dream come true! With some help from Make-A-Wish and the community, five-year-old Bentley Dodge is on a Nebraska adventure.

Bentley and his family spent Tuesday at Bailey Yard and the Golden Spike, seeing the trains up close and in person.

Although his dad does not know how Bentley's love for trains started, the passion runs deep.

"It started pretty young," Ryan Dodge notes. "He just absolutely loves them, ever since he was one-and-a-half years old or so."

Whether he's playing with toy trains or watching them pass on the tracks near his home, Bentley says he loves how trains are loud, can haul freight, and are just "cool."

"I was thinking, 'Woah, these are the kinds of trains I like'," Bentley said of his first impression of Bailey Yard. "They're on tracks and it's cool."

Bentley was diagnosed with retinoblastoma after his family noticed he had some problems with his eye last year. His family tells News 2 that only 200 kids a year get this type of cancer and, with the type of cancer Bentley fought, there is a 35 percent chance he could get cancer again.

"Even though he's gone through a lot, he's a really strong little five-year-old boy," Ryan Dodge said. " Even when he was going through the chemo, he was super happy. "

Right now, Bentley is happy and mostly healthy and does not stop moving, just like many other five-year-old boys. His family says that they are thankful for their visit to Nebraska and the tour by Union Pacific.