Teachers prepare for the new school year

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Each student wears two backpacks. One is filled with their school supplies. The other backpack is invisible and inside of it is that child's story.

That is the message Dr. Adolph Brown had for about 400 educators from 12 different school districts at the Educational Service Unit, District 16, regional workshop.

Brown wants to encourage teachers and administrators to get to know their students, thus enabling them for success.

"We all have a story and it's important that we know that story," Brown noted. "When we know someone's story, it helps us understand that every student is a study of one."

Brown adds that the workshop is important because it is a unique way for different districts to collaborate and make what happens in the classroom a success. Event organizers say that Brown's message was well received.

"It starts with relationships and you have to meet kids where they are," Alison Smith, the ESU 16 teaching and learning director, said. "No matter what type of backpack that they bring, being their background, their history, color, or anything, we just want them to know that they are accepted and valued for who they are and meet them where they're at."

Smith says that the event is powerful because it helps teachers learn from each other.