NSP works to stifle drug transportation

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. The Nebraska State Patrol is working to stifle drug trafficking.

Local Troopers are seeing up to five cases per day on Nebraska roadways.

Many people think the authorities are on the lookout for out-of-state license plates.

But, according to Trooper Ryan Hayes that simply isn't the case. He says there are plenty of incidents where a vehicle registered in Nebraska has been searched and seized due to drug suspicion and confiscation.

"We certainly have found traffickers/smugglers in locally plated vehicles," says Hayes. "I think it's a common misconception that officers are looking at vehicles from- let's say California for example. Or Colorado for example. That certainly couldn't be farther from the truth."

Hayes says the public's help is always encouraged to make the community safer.

If you have a lead on suspicious activity you can call the Lincoln County Crime Stoppers and leave an anonymous tip at 800-933-TIPS.