911 Mapping System brings emergency response to digital age

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The number to call when you're in an emergency has not changed over time but the technology behind it certainly has.

The 911 Mapping System provides dispatch with the GPS locations of its officers, firefighters, and EMS staff, giving them real time information about their people on the ground.

"You know if I push my emergency button or I'm hollering for help or something, dispatch always knows where I'm at," said Officer Lisa Citta with the North Platte Police Department.

The system also helps locate where 911 calls are coming from, sometimes giving dispatch names, addresses, and even longitude and latitude points.

"It's kind of developed over those years but it's one of the most important pieces of equipment in the 911 center," said Lt. Steve Reeves with the police department.

The system has been in place for around 8-10 years at the 911 Call Center in North Platte.