A1 One Act District competes in North Platte

Lexington High School competes in A1 District One Acts in North Platte. (Source: KNOP/Jace Barraclough)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb Seven one act play groups competed at North Platte High School on Saturday.

It was the A1 District competition.

Dozens of high school students took the stage to boast their acting skills.

Schools from all over Nebraska made the trip with their sets, props and costumes.

Lexington High School performed a show called "An Absolutely True Story (As told by a bunch of lying liars)" directed by Tom Ward.

"I feel like our play is different than any other one," said Lexington High School's Abellanedad Allen.

"For example, we have now and then we have a flashback. I think it's very entertaining, the comedy is there and I really like it."

When Lexington's Diego Orellana said these competitions don't make him nervous.

"You get to take on a whole different persona. You're not really yourself," said Orellana.

"The tendency to have stage fright for me wouldn't really exist that much because I know I'm not really expressing myself, I'm expressing somebody totally different."

Each school sat in the audience to watch and support each other throughout the day.

1st place- North Platte
2nd place- Norfolk
3rd place- Fremont

North Platte will compete for State on December 13 in Norfolk.