Addresses in Lincoln County being updated in case of emergency

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 3:05 PM CST
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When 911 is dialed in an emergency, every second matters and one local law enforcement officer, is working on a project to make sure no valuable time is wasted.

Officer Matthew Proehl with the North Platte Police Department is traveling to over 500 addresses in Lincoln County to verify them with what they have on record. The police department uses a geographic communication system to help them pinpoint and navigate to addresses throughout the area.

Proehl is verifying addresses for the 911 center’s Global Positioning System. Some of the areas, including rural Lincoln County, can be hard to find for some GPS systems, and Proehl says every second counts.

"My number one reason I would say is since we are going to a geospatial type system instead of the cell tower, it’ll be for making sure that the structure that we have to go to or that is being pinged by the geospatial is the right address," said Proehl, "Because seconds count in emergencies so if we can get there and save 10 seconds instead of going to the wrong address, that would probably save a life."

Proehl said he will be going around in an unmarked blue Chevy Cruze department car, verifying the addresses weekly Monday through Friday. He said he may knock on the homeowners door to introduce himself and let them know what he is doing.

He started the project in September and said he hopes to have it completed by the end of the year. "It will keep the public safe by having the address that've been verified, that’s been through the process of the verification process, and in case someone who's not from the area, like maybe family is in town and an emergency happens and the person who lives there could be unconscious or whatever, then having that structure verified will just help save that person."

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