Adrian Smith Stops by Kimball High to Talk to Students

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KIMBALL, Neb. - (KNEP) - Third District Congressman Adrian Smith made a stop to Kimball High School to talk to a history class.

During the class, students heard how the House of Representatives works as well as Smith’s take on key issues talked about in today’s society and politics.

Students were given an opportunity to ask questions on various topics of their choosing. Those questions ranged from what the farm bill details included as well as issues in medicare and Obamacare. In discussing the farm bill, Smith explained to the students the difference of the bill that was in the house over the one that was in the senate.

Smith described the hardship farmers can deal with especially when having to dish out $30,000 - $40,000 out of pocket for health insurance.

He spoke candidly about immigration as well while mentioning in his opinion the system in place now promotes illegal immigration.

Smith was even a little taken aback by the questions and detail the students knew and discussed.

“It certainly speaks well of our education systems,” explained Smith. “Certainly the teachers who instill I think some ideas and get the students to think critically about our process and the opportunities for them to be involved as well.”

Smith meets with a youth advisory committee from time to time but mentions it’s important to also have face-to-face high school students.