Ag researchers discuss crop yield with farmers after rainy weather

GRANT, Neb. (KNOP) - The question how will all the rain Nebraska has received this season affect this years crop yields, was looked at during an annual event in Grant.

Farmers tour a wheat field at the UNL extension center in Grant. (Source: Holly Barraclough, KNOP TV)

The University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension Center hosted a free "Field Day" Wednesday at the UNL Henry J. Stumpf International Wheat Center in Grant.

Some of the topics of discussion included irrigation, pulse crops and wheat plots.

Roland Rushman is a Nebraska wheat farmer and said all of the rain will be good for the wheat, as long as the crops can continue to get sun.

"Mostly for the wheat it’s been ok," said Rushman, "Like any crop, sunshine is a good thing and we haven’t had as much sunshine as maybe what we’ve had in the past, but in general the rain is good for wheat it likes to be wet as long as it’s got its proper amount of sun."

Strahinja Stepanovic hosted the free field day and said one topic on farmers and researchers minds' is all the moisture Nebraska has received this year.

"The rain is really good on the cool season crop," said Stepanovic , "It's been challenging for soy beans, but for wheat and pulses, chick peas, it's been really good weather, if you planted them on time, but right now it's cool, we are getting lots of rain so we're expecting really good wheat and field pea yields. We might be surprised by how well these crops will do."

Rushman said overall the wheat is looking pretty good. "I think that in general, in Nebraska, the wheat looks pretty good maybe 60-70 percent in that good slash excellent category."

As part of the field day, they had a wheat plot tour, irrigated plot tours, indoor sessions including question and answers sessions and pulse crop tours.

The extension center will host their next field day on August 20th.