Agricultural Field Trip Inspires Fifth Graders to Learn

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OGALLALA, Neb. Fifth graders across Keith County got a chance for some hands on learning during their field trip today, September 27th, 2017.

The Keith County Farm Bureau hosted an AG day for students to learn important agriculture procedures.

Specialized stations taught students the entire process from soil all the way down to the actual harvest. Students also got to learn about all the equipment needed for the process.

They also learned how the cattle industry operates.

Future Farmers of America volunteered as group leaders

"They probably wont get this kind of opportunity cause I mean, they don't get to learn about this kind of stuff every day. Coming here you get to learn the different aspects of AG and there's so many different things under AG that you can learn about and understand," says Cheyenne Bacon, a FFA student and volunteer.

"Ya, we're not going to learn about cows really, farming, not really going to learn that in the classroom so this is a good opportunity for us to learn outside of what we're used to," says Emily Cornelius, a student.

"OK, so, if you use to much ground water, you wont have much surface water or if you use to much surface water you wont have very much ground water. So, you got to use about the right amount to keep everything in order. Just so you can keep everything in the balance," says John Fricky, a student.

This year was the fourth annual event. Next year, they anticipate more schools coming and are asking for more volunteer help.