Judge grants motion to hire accident reconstructionist

OGALLALA, Neb. The status hearing for a Florida man charged in the deaths of six people, including a family of five from Minnesota, was held in Keith County District Court Friday.

The defendant, Tony Weekly Jr., was not present in the courtroom.

Weekly is charged with motor vehicular homicide which occurred on a construction zone on Interstate 80 near Brule in July 2016.

Weekly's attorney, Gary Krajewski, filed a motion to hire a accident reconstructionist to find out the exact cause of the crash and how accurate the state's report of the accident is.

"They are going to come out here and look at things, get it done and hopefully it won't be near as expensive to this county," Krajewski said.

Keith County Attorney Randy Fair stated in his argument that Weekly's trial date is approaching and that too much time has passed since the accident, that it would be difficult to reconstruct the accident scene all over again.

"Just for the record, Mr. Krajewski already agreed that the vehicle was released," Fair said. "It was released a long time ago, so just so we are aware, there is nothing to look at because it was released."

However, Krajewski rebutted Fair's argument by stating, "there is more than vehicles involved in an accident."

Judge Richard Birch sustained Krajewski request.

The trial is set for March 6th at 9 am.

Weekly has since pleaded not guilty to the charges.