Beef prices go up, experts say not to worry

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Producers were in North Platte Wednesday to learn about the latest research and developments in the cattle industry. The Nebraska State Of Beef Conference focused on "Increased Production Efficiency".

The current economic environment has caused beef prices to rise. Experts want ranchers to be aware of the economic environment and how they need to manage the transition. Ranchers were told not to worry because the cattle industry is cyclical, with ups and downs.

Director of Livestock Marketing Information Center Jim Robb said, "This is a dynamic market place and one that's changing. And it's important to plan, especially in terms of how to stay in business and how to stay economical. Cattle business is very important to the economy of the state of Nebraska"

The rancher's challenge is to raise better cattle and do it efficiently. If they remain productivity, the current cycle should not affect them. Farmer and rancher Brad Young agreed with the experts message. Young said, " If you're at the most efficient you can be with it, hopefully that will allow you to make a profit and stay in the business no matter what the cattle market is and when the cattle market is high, you make more money. And you need to bank that money for the years when it's not so good."

The educational conference encouraged everyone in the cattle industry to keep up the hard work and plan as they look ahead.