Boxing club helps at risk youth

LEXINGTON, Neb. KNOP Ernie Quintana is changing lives one punch and one jab at a time.

"Just the love of the sport. I love boxing," said Benny Nolasco. "My brother brought me into this and I've been thankful for it."

Sonny Martin has been training at Quintana Boxing Club for the past three years. His probation officer advised he try boxing.

"He's [Ernie] told me don't ever get in trouble, but if you do just don't ever do it around him so I've never got in trouble since."

Quintana says while he's trained students from all different backgrounds for 30 years, he's determined to help them succeed.

"It's guiding them in a way to positive things in life," Quintana said. "It's just the desire and the will to win and these kids want to progress and go places where my boys have been."

It's encouragement that is now leading Sonny to chase his second national championship title.

Ernie says Martin will advance to regionals in Wisconsin.