Bridge of Hope with new executive director

The Bridge of Hope advocacy center now has a new executive director.

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Andrea Hongsermeier walks up the Bridge of Hope stairs everyday, but now she'll enter as the center's executive director.

"I had one child say this place is a magic castle -- so that's a day where you feel good about being here and doing what we do," Hongsermeier said.

She's volunteered and worked since 2017 to help children and families through abuse and neglect investigations.

"We see families for the worst of circumstances and the idea behind this place is that it is a place that reduces trauma for children during the course of these traumatic events," Hongsermeier said.

Hongsermeier and the center provide resources and safe places for investigates to look into accusations of child abuse. They are a support system for parents and children. She calls her job rewarding and meaningful.

"Anytime we see a child and they leave this place happy, because its a fun place to come and we make the best out of a hard situation and they leave asking when they can come back," Hongsermeier said.

She is motivated everyday because she knows she and the center are setting an example for future generations, saying child abuse is not a single-victim crime.

"By helping to prevent or eliminate or intervene in child abuse we are helping to make the community and the world a better place," Hongsermeier said.

Hongsermeier is looking to expand the program in the near future.