Broken Bow Electrical Superintendent files second grievance against Mayor

 (SOURCE: City Clerk/Broken Bow)
(SOURCE: City Clerk/Broken Bow) (KNOP)
Published: Aug. 21, 2019 at 3:57 PM CDT
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A fourth grievance has been filed against Broken Bow Mayor Jonathon Berghorst by Electrical Superintendent Jeremy Tarr. The new grievance states that Tarr was given a written reprimand by the Mayor on Tuesday, September 3.

Tarr states in the grievance that the nature of the filing is receiving an undeserved written reprimand, Retaliation. Tarr states in his grievance that he believes that the Mayor has violated the Anti-retaliation Policy, Job Descriptions/Compensation of Appointed Officials/ Employees, and the Disciplinary Action of the manual.

The remedy that is asked for by Tarr is for the retraction of the written reprimand and the ability to perform his responsibilities and job duties without interference or repercussions from the Mayor.

Tarr had also filed a grievance against the Mayor on August 20, where he stated that the grievance was filed due to safety concerns, hostile/bullying working environment, Mayor directing Tarr to not perform [his] job responsibilities and requirements according to Tarr’s job description, and the Mayor Micromanaging and making decisions that are not the Mayor’s to make.


Broken Bow's Mayor is facing more accusations of trying to manipulate another city employee. A grievance was filed by the Broken Bow Electrical Superintendent, Jeremy Tarr, on Tuesday after a confrontation with Mayor Jon Berghorst.

Tarr says Mayor Berghorst created a hostile work environment on Tuesday, August 13th. The grievance states the Mayor bullied him into changing the on-call staff scheduling, calling himself "the boss" and saying he is "in charge."

Tarr also said the Mayor also complained about the charges it took to fix the light plant, and the way Tarr manages employees about workplace safety.

This is the third grievance filed against Berghorst. The other two came from police officers. Berghorst is facing charges from the Nebraska Attorney General over abuse of power. Berghorst pled not guilty in a Custer County Courtroom this month.

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