Broken Bow Mayor defends administration in light of recall

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 9:46 AM CDT
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Broken Bow's Mayor is publicly defending his administration this week. Jonathan Berghorst officially filed his "defense statement" after a recall petition was filed in August. John Walters filed the petition, saying Berghorst abused the power of office and created a hostile work environment.

Mayor Jonathon Berghorst filed a defense statement saying:

I have not been found guilty of any pending criminal charges.

I dispute the allegations that I created a hostile work environment.

I dispute the allegations that I made monetary decisions without City Council approval and promised job contracts to friends.

I dispute the allegations that I show no respect for department heads and volunteer boards.

Walters now has 20 days to pick up Petition Papers at city hall, and 30 days to collect signatures. County officials say Walters will need at least 410 signatures.


ORIGINAL STORY: Sept. 4, 2019

Broken Bow's mayor is facing a recall petition. The Custer County Clerk says Johnathon Berghorst was served and given notice of the petition and now has 20 days to file a defense statement. Clerk Constance Gracey says petition circulators will need collect at least 410 signatures.

John Walters filed the petition papers last Friday. (Aug. 30). Walters wrote on the petition he wants Berghorst removed from office for creating a hostile work environment and showing no respect to city employees and volunteers. Walters also says Berghorst is trying to make monetary decisions and promise contracts to friends without council approval. Walters also cited the two state charges against Berghorst for abuse of power when he allegedly threatened police officers.

Berhorst's defense statement will be a part of the circulated petition.

Over 1,100 people voted in the November 2018 election when Berghorst won by write-in campaign.