Buffalo Bill's birthday celebrated by community

Buffalo Bill impersonator Bruce Richman cuts the cake while Friends of Buffalo Bill original member Judy Brown watches and helps hand out cake. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- History was celebrated. Buffalo Bill's birthday was celebrated at the North Platte Mall by members of Friends of Buffalo Bill and the community. Friends of Buffalo Bill served cake and ice cream with Buffalo Bill decor.

Buffalo Bill impersonator Bruce Richman cut the cake with his ceremonial sword. This marks the 174th anniversary of his birth. Judy Brown, one of the last living original members said these gatherings are important to preserve history.

"As long as I can do it I'm going to do it. A lot of that history when I croak is gonna be gone because I'm the only one around that remembers it so it's important to me to get it documented," said Brown.

They say anybody is welcoming to join the Friends of Bufalo Bill group. The next birthday event for Buffalo Bill will be Saturday February 29th at 6 pm at Sandhills Convention Center.

"We're kind of a team. And most of those members belong to Friends of Buffalo Bill and we study history. We always have a program about history and anybody is welcome to come join us," said Brown.