COVID-19 survivors describe recovery, clinical trial

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Dr. James Faylor has recovered from COVID-19. He's alsoone of the early patients taking part in clinical trials to see if certain therapy drugs could help.

Dr. Faylor has spent decades working in emergency medicine in Omaha. In March, he became a critically ill patient with COVID-19.

After 6-weeks in the hospital, he could now be called a survivor. At some point, Dr. Faylor plans to go back to work but his strength is only coming back gradually.

HE said, “I had a few times when I used oxygen and a walker and then all of a sudden I improved and suddenly I didn't need that anymore. I'm hoping to continue improving."

Dr. Faylor took part in the UNMC clinical trial for Remdesivir, meaning he either was given that or the placebo. He found out recently, he received the drug.

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