Canadian man spreading a message of equal and unconditional love

Bing Bing Li shares his message of equal and unconditional love across Nebraska and the United States.
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - For almost three years, Canadian man Bing Bing Li has walked across the U.S with nothing but a message of equal and unconditional love. He believes living in a more minimalist world and focusing on love will save humanity. His journey brought him to North Platte on Thursday.

The sign he has placed over his small green wagon reads, "Equal and unconditional love for all our fellow creatures across all space/ time/ matter/ energy is the only way out (of the human misery)."

Li said he received a sign from mother nature. Li said, "Mother Nature told me, you've got to go walk across the world to spread the message."

Under his sign, Bing Bing has carefully placed what he calls his "survival kit", filled with snacks, pillows and more.

Li believes unconditional love for all things starts with downsizing. He expressed, " Downsizing, simplifying, trying to live with less, less instead of trying to get more, more. Because if we love all living things equally and unconditionally as much as we love ourselves, we only want to take what we need to survive."

Mr. Li plans to spread his message all over Nebraska by the end of the month. He plans to continue his journey all over the United States in the next 6 years and globally in the next 30 years.