Cancellation of Crane tours just one of the hits Dusty Trails is taking

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NORTH PLATTE, NEB. (KNOP)- Dusty Trails is taking a hit due to the Coronavirus, just like many other businesses across the country.

Cranes spread throughout a field in the northern part of of North Platte. (Credit:Sam Pirozzi KNOP/TV)

Business is typically on the slower side this time of year for Dusty Barner and his company. Looking to change that, last spring he took advantage of the Crane's that make their way to the area before continuing their trek up north where they spend the warm months. Mid March to early April are the peak mating seasons for the birds who make their way to Nebraska by the thousands from as far south as Mexico. Last years tours were a hit and they were on pace for an even bigger spring this year, until the Coronavirus swept the country and put lots of businesses in the dark.

"I take numerous phone calls everyday for the tickets that I did have sold that are canceled, they are no longer coming," said Barner. He would also go on to say it's not just the bird tours that are being canceled.

"It's hitting me everywhere, our horseback rides aren't happening. All the post prom parties are getting canceled or postponed."

Barner says that once a sense of normalcy returns to everyday civilian life, he hopes citizens will rally around the local businesses who have been hit hardest by the pandemic.