Catholic students in North Platte celebrate catholic week

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Catholics all around the country are celebrating their schools for national catholic school week, including right here in North Platte.

Students at Mcdaid Elementary attended career day where students could ask professionals about their chosen career.

Those at the high school were able to hear an author speak about his experience overcoming drug addiction.

He said he hopes the talk will encourage them to speak up about the topic.

"Sharing your story can help someone else immensely. I've had so much feedback from people who have reached out to me to let me know that my story has made a difference in their life and they're able to forgive themselves and forgive others or even just share and help other people out with what they're going through," said David Mike, an author who spoke with high school students.

The week long celebration will continue with grandparents day on Wednesday followed by career day for the high school on Thursday.