Chamber of Commerce giving money for relocating to North Platte

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. - The North Platte Chamber of Commerce has an incentive program in place to entice employees to relocate to North Platte. They will match up to $5,000 that an employer may give as a relocation expense or bonus for moving. The program is called WORK NP.

The requirements are: the job must pay at least $20 per hour, the employee must stay for three years and the employer must be a current North Platte Chamber Member and apply for that money on the employees behalf.

The incentive program started in fall 2017 and three North Platte people have taken advantage of it and so far. One with The Union Pacific Railroad, one with Brouillette Law Firm and one with Sandhills Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab.

Megan Frickel is one of those, relocating from out of state.

"It was enough to really make the decision for us. we were leaning this way, and it just really sealed the deal for us," said Frickel.

Other candidates that are eligible for this program are recent high school and college graduates. This incentivizes people to stay local within the workforce.

The president of Mid-Plains Community College, Ryan Purdy, said so far they have not had anyone take advantage of the program, but the funds could also be used for tuition reimbursement.

"They saw the value of the Mid-Plains Community College graduates and high school graduates and they have included those. It's kind of an exclusion of not having to relocate within the area, but they see the value in the education that we are offering for our students, and it's a great way for them to get into the workforce, make a nice, livable wage and it's a win-win for the community," Purdy.

To see if an employer qualifes, see who is hiring or get more detail on the WORK NP program,
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