City of McCook contracts with Boutique Air

McCook, Neb. KNOPTV Boutique Air was chosen as the new air carrier.

Great Lakes Airlines is the city's current provider and will serve the city until May 30th.

City officials say new legislation enacted by the federal government made it very difficult for smaller airlines, such as Great Lakes Airlines to operate.

Restrictions on hours the pilots are required to fly had a negative impact on flights.

City officials say they had no choice but to move on.

"We are obligated to provide two flights through the course of the day plus one flight each day during the weekend and they haven't been able to meet those requirements for a number of different reasons. So due to the lack of emplacements and those kinds of things we just thought it would be best if we look in a different direction,' said McCook City Manager Nate Schneider.

Boutique Air will also contribute $20,000 of marketing funds to attract more people to fly out of McCook as part of their two year contract with the city.