Civil War Band entertains at Lincoln County Historical Museum

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. It was the final day for Grits and Duds- A Civil War Tour.

A percussionist plays in the Civil War Band at the Civil War Tour at the Lincoln County Historical Museum in North Platte. (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)

The Lincoln County Historical Museum hosted the event.

One of the biggest attractions for the tour was the Civil War Band.

Director Lori Evans and the North Platte Municipal Band reenacted the role of an infantry band.

In between songs, Evans recited stories from the war about the musicians.

One of the stories was about the infantry band leading the men into battle. At the request of their leader, they played during the battle. The music was played to hype the men as they fought.

"That's where we actually get the idea for pep bands that we have today that play during football games and basketball games," said Evans.

"The band was there to encourage the soldiers to keep them fighting. Robert E. Lee really did say that without music there wouldn't be an army."

As someone who has spent time in the Navy, Evans says she's appreciative for the tradition of the military bands.

"The difference between today and the Civil War is today those musicians are professionals," Evans said.

"When you see an Army Band or a Navy Band, those are fabulous musicians and they're out there representing the military. It's a different role they play now than they did then, but it's a wonderful tradition and I like to see it continuing."

Evans says being able to reenact the role of a Civil War Band brought some of the emotions of what used to be.

"I think for us it started out as this will be a fun thing to do. But then once we got into it, especially the last two numbers we played were very emotional numbers, it made it more real for everybody that was in the band. It's like, 'Oh yeah! My great, great grandfather fought in the Civil War,' and this brings it more home for us."