Close races are coming down to provisional ballots

Published: Nov. 10, 2016 at 6:47 PM CST
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Keith County and Lincoln County have spent the day counting and re-counting hundreds of ballots, and tonight, these ballots are playing a key role as we wait to find out the winners.

This year, the Paxton sales tax and the North Platte City Council Ward 4 outcome are depending on these provisional ballots.

Incumbent Larry Campbell has 49 percent of the vote. Challenger Lawrence Ostendorf has 50 percent. Only fifteen votes separate them.

There are many reasons why a provisional ballot might be cast.

County Clerk, Rebecca Rossell, said the voter registration might not have the most updated information.

Someone might have changed their address and moved, or they might have gotten married and did not change their name.

This process still allows them to vote, but then they must be verified.

Rossell said they have to double check that person did not go to their old polling place to vote, because their name would have appeared on that roster.

"It does get them registered for the next election no matter what because filling out a new voter registration form is part of that process, so even if we can't accept it this time, they will be registered for next time," Rossell said.

Rossell said most of those ballots will count, while some will not, but this process still allows them to be able to vote.

She also said you can call within ten days of the election to find out what happened to your ballot if you were a provisional voter.

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