Hearing date set to determine fate of Lincoln County Treasurer

Commissioners set July 15th at 10 am to hear witness and Lori Koertner testimonies to decide if there was misconduct in the Lincoln County Treasurer's Office. (SOURCE: Madison Clark/KNOP-TV).

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Commissioners set July 15th at 10 am to determine Koertner's fate as Treasurer.

The continuance of the hearing, originally set for June 24th is to give Lorie Koertner and her attorneys, as well as the Lincoln County Commissioners an opportunity to review an out of station report being put together by the auditors office at the State of Nebraska.

During the July 15th hearing the Commissioners will hear witness testimony and from Lorie Koertner concerning the allegations against her in the role of Lincoln County Treasurer.

Commissioner Joe Hewgley said the Commissioners will act in a judicial role in executive session following the hearing to determine whether or not Koertner did or did not commit any acts of misconduct as the Lincoln County Treasurer from January to May, 2019.

If she is found negligent in any way they will be the body which determines if she will be permanently removed from office. The Commissioners voted to create a committee to review the State's report so that they can make recommendations to the Board if necessary.

Hewgley said, "It's not fun for anyone, probably most of all for Lori Koertner. I mean, it's got to be very difficult. It's difficult on the Board. It's a serious matter and we all take it seriously, but it's part of the job and it's something we have an obligation to do."